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Round 6 v Berri at Berri

G’day Tiger Fans. We have played every team once now and know what we have to do to be there at the pointy end of the season. Commiserations goes out to Guido (broken leg in 2 places and a dislocated ankle) and Goof (concussion). We hope you both have a speedy recovery from both of your injuries. We couldn’t quite get over the line for you boys, but we went down fighting hard, once again, with limited rotations from half way through the first quarter. Congratulations to Braden Knobby Falting, who plays his 100th Senior Game for the club Saturday. We are having our club best player presentations at 'Here’s Your Beer' after the game, so all supporters are welcome to come along and mingle with the players, see you all there. Next Saturday the 2nd of June will be Sponsors Day at Loxton verse the Panthers. We take this opportunity to thank all our valued sponsors for their kind ongoing support. Go Tigers! The Growler